Women Only Tours

Women only tours offer an environment where women won't feel lonely or confronted or excluded.  It’s a less competitive environment, more relaxed, and it’s very easy to make friends. And when you're with all women, you can talk freely about a lot of subjects that you wouldn’t be able to in a mixed crowd - things you're going through physically or mentally at work or at home. All while experiencing the local culture, scenery and history of different countries.

In good company with like-minded women we can be ourselves to laugh, cry, sing, relax and just be girls again. Enjoy the freedom to do what we want, when we want. There's no pressure or competitiveness, but plenty of encouragement. Many women make lasting friendships on our tours.

When you’re on holiday you aren’t someone's wife or mother - you are simply you!? So you can just relax, let your hair down and enjoy not having to fit into any roles.

For many women, security is an issue. So travelling in a group where everything is organised provides safety, which is particularly important if you’ve never travelled overseas before.

Women only holidays are great fun! Let's face it, women like to talk about different subjects and do different things - like spa visits, cooking classes, wine tastings, in-home visits to learn about the lives of women of other cultures, visits to gardens and art galleries, evening entertainment, and free time to shop.

Our women's tours go to most parts of the globe and involve many different activities. For example, you can learn to cook in Vietnam, ride a camel in the Sahara Desert, walk through Southern Tuscany or cycle through Thailand, trawl the markets in Morocco, learn to belly-dance in Egypt, or accompany the royal princes in a parade at an Indian Festival.

We value mixing with the locals, and try to do this wherever possible. We don't want to just look in from the outside and take photos of them, we want to really visit them - drink tea with them and chat! This is important to get a real insight into other people's lives and cultures - otherwise you may make untrue assumptions from the outside about what you are seeing. The idea is not to "protect" you from the country you are in, but to make you feel more comfortable being part of it, giving you a more authentic experience.

Women travellers want to explore, learn and unwind. Trying new things will increase your confidence and give you some fantastic memories, maybe of things you didn't think you were capable of.

One thing is for certain ... you will have a lot of fun!

Who is the typical traveller?

On our women only tours you'll find a mixture. There'll be solo women, some without partners and others who want to go somewhere their partner doesn’t. You'll find family members and friends travelling together. There'll be those who are travelling to celebrate milestones in their lives, such as a birthday or a new job. Others may be travelling as a way to rejuvenate themselves after a difficult event, such as a divorce, or the death of a husband or a bout with cancer. One thing these women all seem to have in common is an adventurous spirit. They’re also active, they love the great outdoors, and most of all, they want to have fun.

Is there a specific age group?

Our tours are suited to inquisitive, adventurous travellers of any age. Tours will often have a spread of ages, from mature 30 year olds through to fit, young at heart 70 year olds.

How fit do I need to be?

This varies, depending on the tour you have selected. Most of our women's tours are designed for women of average fitness. If you can walk at a reasonable pace for a couple of hours, then you will enjoy the tour more. Not all of our tours include hiking or adventures that you need to be very fit for, but walking and sightseeing can be tiring, so set yourself a goal and arrive with a good base fitness. The fitter you are the more energy you will have to enjoy the experiences and the people you are with.

On some of our more adventurous tours you will be required to carry your luggage on and off trains and buses, up hotel steps, etc. Your itinerary may include activities such as treks of 3 to 4 hours per day carrying a day pack in hilly terrain, flat water kayaking or a day's bike ride, in conditions which could be hot and humid. You will raise your heart rate on these trips, so a basic level of aerobic fitness is required.

What accommodation standard should I expect?

This also varies. On most tours we stay in clean, comfortable, mid-range hotels. Sometimes we stay at places that offer an interesting or memorable experience, like an old castle or a boat. On the odd night we take overnight train rides in comfortable sleeper trains and get rocked to sleep by the rhythm of the train. On a more adventurous trip, you might find yourself "roughing it" in a tent or mud hut - however these nights can often be the highlight of your tour, whether it be sleeping in the basic house of a Berber family in the Atlas mountains, or dozing off under a million stars in the Sahara desert.

We also cater for women who enjoy their creature comforts in more luxurious surroundings. On these tours hotels will be the finest available. In the country this could mean a pleasant historic B&B, whereas in the city it will be a 4 or 5 star hotel. Sometimes the group could have the use of an entire villa, lodge or boat. Again, each journey will determine what accommodation is best.

Do I have to pay a single supplement if I'm travelling on my own?

Single supplements are generally incurred because you’ll enjoy a hotel room on your own, rather than sharing it (and the expense) with someone else. Yet we understand this is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of travelling on your own, so if you’re happy to share a room on your tour, we will usually be able? to find you someone to share with.

Who am I travelling with?

The tour companies we use specialise in women only travel. All their tours are designed for women by women. Many of the tours are escorted by the tour company owners, with the added benefit of local guides.

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Women only tours offer an environment where women won't feel lonely or confronted or excluded.  It’s a less competitive environment, more relaxed, and it’s very easy to make friends. And when you're with all women, you can talk freely about…read more