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Women only tours offer an environment where women won't feel lonely, confronted or excluded. There's no pressure or competitiveness, but plenty of encouragement, and it's very easy to make friends. Women only holidays are great fun! Let's face it, women like to talk about different subjects and do different things - like spa visits, cooking classes, wine tastings, in-home visits to learn about the lives of women of other cultures, and free time to shop. All while experiencing the scenery, history and local culture of different countries. All our tours for women are small group tours, ideally suitable for solo travellers.

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We are a full-service retail travel agency, with access to all airfares, accommodation, cruises, rail, tours and package holidays on the market. Yet what sets us apart is our focus on truly inspiring small group holidays from around the world, plus our focus on solo travellers and women only travel. Talk to us, send us an email or check out just some of the inspiring holidays on our site.

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Women Only Tours

Women only tours offer an environment where women won't feel lonely or confronted or excluded.  It’s a less competitive environment, more relaxed, and it’s very easy to make friends. And when you're with all women, you can talk freely about…read more