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We've assembled an impressive selection of tours that cater for people who, for whatever reason, travel on their own, but prefer not to be completely alone. However, we are not a dating agency. Our tours are about travellers enjoying their holidays with like-minded people experiencing destinations that truly captivate!

When you consider the myriad of amazing travel destinations, sensory experiences and adventures to be enjoyed - awakening the mind, rejuvenating the soul - what makes travel so rewarding is that it is truly an individual experience. When we travel with a partner or plan a trip with a friend, there are compromises to be made - you tag along to the umpteenth war museum, you succumb to western cuisine although the aromas of the bustling local markets entice you more. A sojourn to Tuscany where you learn the art of Italian cooking would rate as one of your ultimate experiences, yet you can’t convince your partner, family or friends to come with you, and so alas, it remains in the ‘some day’ ether.

Welcome to Solo Travel. In a nutshell, it’s travel without compromises!

It's all about the experience.

What makes Solo Travel so exciting is that we’ve hand-picked the tours and experiences from quality operators spanning the four corners of the globe. They all cater for the solo traveller, but they’re not all run-of-the-mill holidays typical of the larger tour companies. And they’re definitely not for ‘singles’ looking to become ‘couples’. We also have a number of journeys that are exclusively for women, as there’s a level of kinship unique to these adventures. They’re less competitive, more relaxing, and it’s easier to make friends.

We understand the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is often just a little extra, and that is what we aim to deliver - that “wow” experience. This could be an action-packed adventure holiday for the more physically active traveller, or tours that cater to a wide range of interests such as arts and culture, fine dining and wines, shopping, and even spiritual journeys. There are soft adventure options, too.

Our journeys are more aimed at the mature traveller, from a mature 30-something through to a young-at heart solo traveller who has retired. Yet keep in mind that if you select a journey to a remote corner of the world, you’ll need to pack a healthy respect for limited standards. From engaging expeditions in pristine environments to easy going discovery travel, from enlightening self-discovery to indulgent hedonistic heights - we’ll spark your imagination.

Mother Nature beckons

For solo travellers, nature’s remote and mysterious realms have, to a degree, been inaccessible due to logistics, safety and sheer cost. With this in mind, we have assembled an impressive selection of nature tours that enable you to explore nature in its full glory. Meet mountain gorillas in the remarkable Virunga Volcanoes, witness the great migratory herds across the vast plains of Africa, stare in awe at the cascades of Iguazú Falls, sunbathe with fur seals in nature’s playground at the Galapagos, or explore the untamed wilderness of Alaska. We’ve sought out sights and experiences throughout the seven continents.

As our destination portfolio continues to grow, we empower our solo travellers with intimate passage into the most hidden corners of the world. We offer a range of travelling styles, from the truly intrepid to the luxurious, so you can select your comfort zone. And whilst some of these fascinating journeys are solo travel opportunities within a tour composition that may include couples, that’s largely due to the appeal of the journey itself.

Indulge in culture - the heart and soul of travel.

Travel brochures are filled with opportunities for ‘cultural’ experiences – a few hours of interaction with locals, a visit to a local vineyard, tickets to an opera in Vienna. We define cultural travel as an immersion in the destination you visit - to bring alive the beauty of the countryside, flavours of the cuisine, and the unique customs; to immerse yourself deep into the heart and soul of the region; to experience what’s genuinely authentic, alive and memorable.

You can walk, paint, photograph or sing in the footsteps and landscapes of some of the world’s great poets, writers and artists, while sharing hillsides frequented perhaps only by goatherds and their flocks. Learn the secrets of Tuscan cuisine from a Florentine chef in Italy; enjoy performances by renowned musicians in some of the world’s most picturesque locations. Or immerse yourself in a Moroccan experience, where you discover cultural heritage, architectural splendours, as well as traverse local Berber villages.

A world of adventure ... choose your comfort zone.

For many, the word ‘adventure’ conjures up visions of trekking mountain peaks, touting backpacks and ‘roughing it.’ If that’s what you’re after, we can arrange it. However, our typical adventures are active and adventurous, yet put a firm emphasis on creature comforts, and are more likely very comfortable. Picture a 4WD wildlife safari, tracking the ‘big 4’ in the depths of Africa, and then returning to a five-course banquet under the stars. Think... a heli-hiking experience in the Canadian Rockies, where by day you explore pristine alpine meadows blanketed by wildflowers and cobalt lakes, while at night you soak in a rooftop spa at your lodge, gazing at the great spires and the glaciers that swirl at their feet.

Whether you’re keen to cycle through the Black Forest or walk the mountain trails of the Himalaya, we have an excellent selection of unique tours that cater for the solo traveller. From outdoor travel experiences that are not especially physically demanding through to those requiring a large dose of physical stamina, we span the world with unique and inspiring journeys. As well, many provide local ‘insider access’ experiences that connect you to the people and cultures of your destination, and virtually all are defined as small group adventures.

Special interests ... let your passion take you places.

Special interest tours are in a category of their own - leisurely paced, dream fulfilling journeys about a passion which you share with other kindred souls. From glorious gardens, flower shows, national parks, wildlife, photography, walking and yoga, through to art, craft, painting,  writing, cooking, gourmet food and wine - and lots, lots more. Our selection of tours are for the inquisitive traveller who yearns to experience creative itineraries and expert guides with intimate local knowledge.

Our extensive contacts around the world enable us to provide you with travel and touring options for special activities. Gain access to private gardens, meet artists in their studios, or attend local festivals that are not included in a standard mass produced tour. Enjoy cooking demonstrations in Provence or home cooked meals in Tuscany.

Is there a specific age group?

Typically, our journeys are ideally suited for the inquisitive, mature traveller. That said, you could be a 30-something traveller who appreciates cultural immersion or scenic splendours, or a 60-plus traveller who has an unassailable curiosity to witness the wonders of the world.

Solo vs single - what's the difference?

Nearly all our tours are suitable for individuals who, for whatever reason, travel on their own, but prefer not to be completely alone. They're for travellers who want to share their curiosity about the world with a few like-minded enthusiastic explorers, and very likely, make new friends along the way. They're definitely not ‘singles' tours, which imply the ‘singles' are looking to become ‘couples.' Categorically, none of our tours are at all related to dating or match-making.

Who is the typical traveller - is it just women?

There tends to be a skew of solo female travellers on the tours. Perhaps because women tend to more actively desire to travel - yet solo male travellers are equally welcomed. In addition, some of the journeys are exclusively for women, as there's truly a unique kinship experienced on these journeys.

Do I have to pay a single supplement?

Single supplements are generally incurred because you’ll enjoy a hotel room on your own, rather than sharing it (and the expense) with someone else. Yet we understand this is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of travelling on your own, so we’ve searched far and wide to find journeys that have a small supplement, as well as those with no single supplement. Sometimes, they simply can’t be avoided, yet if you’re happy to share a room with someone of the same gender on your tour, we will endeavour to find you a like-minded fellow traveller.

How fit do I need to be?

Our journeys range from exhilarating adventures, such as rafting on a jungle river or riding an elephant, to cultural and special interest options that require little (if any) physical exertion. That said, you should at least enjoy walking medieval alleyways or strolling alpine meadows to really take advantage of the destinations.

What standard should I expect?

It largely depends on the destination. On average, most accommodation is 3 or 4-star, some five. Yet due to the remote nature of some destinations, some are less, yet they offer charming interludes with locals and are the best available. We’ve focused on offering amazing experiences, which are generally off the beaten tourist path, so the likes of touristy multi-national hotels are likely to be rare.

Who am I travelling with?

Inspired Travel has scoured the world to find truly amazing experiences suited to solo travellers. Our selection of tours are mainly compiled of local and regional operators who offer truly intimate experiences in their region, and operators who specialise in a particular interest or experience.

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Solo Travel

We've assembled an impressive selection of tours that cater for people who, for whatever reason, travel on their own, but prefer not to be completely alone. However, we are not a dating agency. Our tours are about travellers enjoying their…read more

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